Accurate Metal Fabricating is a premium full-service    


company serving the Chicago area. With state-of-the-art facilities and unmatched expertise, find out why Accurate has earned a stellar reputation in the metal 网上赌斗牛下载industry. 

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Services and Offerings

Accurate sets the bar for exceptional service when it comes to Chicago metal fabricators. We see your metal 网上赌斗牛下载projects through from start to finish. Here鈥檚 how: 

Metal 网上赌斗牛app:  

Anyone in this business can tell you that metal 网上赌斗牛下载is no small lift, but it doesn鈥檛 have to be all-consuming for your business. As experienced steel fabricators, 网上赌斗牛run like a well-oiled machine so that you can focus on your business. We punch, form, perforate, laser cut, weld, and assemble to your specifications. Our metal 网上赌斗牛下载services are extremely precise and consistent, putting your mind at ease.  


Metal 网上赌斗牛app

Project Management:

Behind the 网上赌斗牛下载is complex project management. With more than 70 years of experience as a metal 网上赌斗牛下载company, 网上赌斗牛specialize in streamlined project management services to help meet your production schedule. Leave the details to us, and feel comfortable knowing that your project is in good hands.


Project Management

The 网上赌斗牛 We Create for You  

Fabricated metal only scratches the surface of what 网上赌斗牛make. From the outside in, 网上赌斗牛craft the parts and components that keep your business running. Examples of our quality fabricated products include:

  • Parts and Blanks
  • Bases
  • Assemblies & Components
  • Screens, Guards, Grilles
  • Enclosures
  • Cabinets
  • Perforated Sheets & Coils
  • Lighting Components
  • Retail Fixtures
  • POP Displays

Of course, 网上赌斗牛didn鈥檛 get where 网上赌斗牛are using cookie-cutter designs. We dive deep into your product needs to bring you components that are perfectly customized. That鈥檚 what has earned us a spot as one of the leading perforated metal manufacturers serving the region.

Who We Serve

Virtually anywhere you look, you鈥檒l find a need for quality metal 网上赌斗牛下载services, and we鈥檙e always up to the challenge. Some of our key client bases include Chicago-area businesses in these sectors:

  • Point-of-Purchase Design Houses
  • Lighting Companies
  • Medical Part Manufacturers/Distributors
  • Cabinet & Drawer/Enclosure Users
  • OEM鈥檚



That鈥檚 just the start. Within your business, 网上赌斗牛build crucial relationships to help ensure a smooth process. Our key points of contact typically include the following: 

  • Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Purchasing
  • Production Managers
  • Point-of-Purchase Designers

Of course, every business has unique metal 网上赌斗牛下载needs, and Accurate is here to make sure they鈥檙e met.

What Makes Accurate Metal Fabricating Different?

It all starts with our experience in engineering. We鈥檙e home to the innovative minds that drive the metal 网上赌斗牛下载field forward 鈥 and 网上赌斗牛do it all for you, the customer.

Our scope of services and breadth of industry knowledge benefit every customer with which 网上赌斗牛work. You can expect nothing but the highest-quality fabricated metal parts and services from us. Our seamless process integrates with your own so that you can run your business without missing a beat.

Learn more about our comprehensive metal 网上赌斗牛下载services by contacting Accurate Metal Fabricating today.

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